How we work

There is good business. There is good tax planning. There are good sources of finance. The trick is combining all three of them correctly.

Valhalla is unique in providing a hands-on, sleeves rolled up, service that can build and launch your business idea with the right funding inside a tax efficient structure.

More than advice, our team can bring you the planning, financing, execution, reporting, and compliance that are required to make your business idea real.

Whether it is a business idea, a property development, a motion picture, or a television series, Valhalla will work with you to get it done. We listen to you to establish what your personal objectives are for both the near future and the long term. Our team has considerable experience working with entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals, and those with interesting financial circumstances.

Our values

We believe that every client is different. We therefore offer our clients a bespoke service tailored to their individual needs and adding value by working in partnership with clients and with service providers.

We believe that it is not the profits you make, but those that you keep that contribute to business success and personal wealth.